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2018 年長生學初中班

加拿大多倫多長生學會得到魏裕峰老師確定, 2018 年5月15至19日舉行五天高級研習班 及2018 年5月20至25日舉行六天初中級研習班。
現在開始招募義工, 在開課期間到場幫忙。大會希望盡量徵求多些能在上課期間各天都到場拹助各種工作的義工參加。請向各調整站報名,電郵到大會,或在本會網站登記以便安排。多謝!
加拿大多倫多長生學會長, 黎師兄敬上

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Longevitology Toronto has been confirmed by the founder, Master Yu-Feng Wei, that Year 2018 Advance (5 days) class May15-19, 2018 &

Year 2018 Beginner-Intermediate(6 days) class May 20-25, 2018.

Now we are looking for volunteers to help out during and prior to the classes. Those interested please fill out this form indicating the dates his/her availabilities. We hope to get more volunteers who can contribute all 11 Class days. Please report to any of your adjustment centres,email the application form to our Longevitology Toronto email as stated above, or you may registered on-line. Thank you!
Longevitology Toronto Canada, Paul Lai



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