English Testimonial from London, United Kingdom

English Testimonial from London, United Kingdom

Paralysed , Stroke
Paralysed from the neck down, no feelings and sensation, lost control of the excretory system. Treated with Longevitology energy towels, and now she is able to feel and tells the carer about her needs, also she began to sense the touch on her skin and flesh!
Stroke patient then gradually got better!
Mr. Mahesh Joshi April 29, 2023



Explain/update her Sister situation (London,UK) Longevitology

dehydration 避開洗腎的命運(長生學見證系列)Longevitology



encephalitis and ataxia腦部感染病毒(英語)(長生學見證系列)Longevitology

encephalitis and ataxia腦部感染病毒(英語)(長生學見證系列)Longevitology